pizza stop with jeffry lee

as i was driving up with ledger i remembered that jeffry lee wasnt working that day, so i called him up and asked him if he would like to go out for lunch.  he said 'sure', so ledger, stink, and i stopped by his place on the way to mom and papas.  he hopped in and we dropped off the dog and headed over to pizza hut where mom works part time.  i figured she might like it if her son and grandson stopped in for a quick visit.  i was right.  she was so excited to have us there, another chance to show off her little ledger!  it worked out great too because we had come just as the rush was ending and so after about 15 minutes we were the only people left in the whole place.  it was nice because it gave mom a chance to come over and join us for a little while.  she was so excited about the weekend ahead- unlimited time with ledger!
(more pics)

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