a little face time

this is what always puts our little one in a good mood: taking to his mema on the phone!  since we now live in the future, talking on the phone isnt just voices but actually talking back and fourth with video chat!  ledger really loves the chance to see mema and papa, although i'm pretty sure mema and papa love it even more!  since we live two hours away from my parents, they dont get to see ledger quite as much as they would like so, so doing the video chat thing has been such an amazing blessing for us!  and every time i pull out the phone and call with face time, ledger gets really excited.  when he sees mema and papa he touches the screen- and sometimes accidentally bumps the button to hang up on them...  well, the technology isnt perfect, but it sure is wonderful that ledger and his grandparents get some quality time together!

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