wanna know how amazing my friends are?  well, let me tell you: jeffry lee and brains knew that by coming up for the weekend meant that i had to take off of work on saturday.  me working on saturday is very important for my family- its how we afford the weekly formula and diapers!  knowing this, jeffry lee and brains surprised me with a gigantic box-each- of diapers to make up for the day i wouldnt be able to work!  its almost heartbreaking how beautiful of a gesture that is, huh?  and let me tell you, these boxes are humongous!  each of these boxes will last twice as long as the boxes i usually afford- that means these dear friends have provided us with a month's worth of diapers!  wow!  i am humbled by this truly incredible act of love on their part. all i am left to say is thank you, thank you so much.  thank you.

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