off we go!

often times diana will go and visit friends or family with ledger for a couple days.  unfortunately, i have to work so i cant go along.  actually, this is why she goes, because i'm at work and her trips give her a chance to have some help with ledge during the days when i'm working, and so that her family and friends get a chance to spend some quality time with ledger too!  well, i finally told her that it was my turn, not for some time away necessarily, but it was my turn to take ledger and give her some free time to just enjoy herself a little bit!  i'll tell ya, she didnt really complain about that one at all, thats for sure!  so she worked it out with her friends, and they all took an extended weekend away in south bend and had some good ol fashioned girl time.  i was really excited too, a chance to spend time with my boy!  i used my two vacation days, and ledger and i headed on friday morning to go up to grand rapids and spend some time with mema and papa.  as you can see, he was eager to get going as well!

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