anniversary 4

when its spring break i know what that means: its our anniversary!  its time to celebrate four amazing years together!  we planned to have a nice romantic weekend together, there's just one problem: we have a kid.  hmmm.  well, with the help of my family, we still made it happen!  my sister volunteered to take our little ledger for a night so that diana and i could have a night away with just the two of us- what a treat!  we drove up to grand rapids thursday afternoon and dropped off ledger at jills, poco and mom and papa's, and then had the night to ourselves!  we started by checking in to a hotel in grandville that i had booked- it was the best one i could find that had a Jacuzzi in the room- fancy!  we got in the room and the first thing diana does? cashes out on the bed.  sorry girl, no early bedtime tonight!  we checked out the room, unpacked a bit, and then we were off to enjoy our night with just the two of us.
(more pics)

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