little amigo

friday morning we woke up, took our time getting ready, enjoyed the late check out at the hotel, and grabbed a bit to eat for lunch.  i called jill and asked what time we should come and get ledger and she said that he is going to be taken care of all day between her and mom, so the two of us should continue to enjoy our free day together.  wow!  we certainly didnt expect that, so we took full advantage!  we went out for lunch, did a bunch of shopping, and just enjoyed the day together.  finally, around dinner time, we met up with mom and papa at the local mexican restaurant tres amigos and finally got to see our little guy again.  he was so excited when he spotted us from across the restaurant as they came in with him!  and now, fully refreshed, we were just as thrilled to see him again too!  its been an amazing four years, and look at what we have to show for it: an adorable joyful little ledger!
(more pics)

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