morning with dada

one of my favorite times with ledger is in the morning.  i am by no means a morning person, but its an hour i get to spend with him before i have to go off to work.  well, today i dont have to work, so i can spend some extra time with my favorite boy!  this morning was extra special: its his first birthday!  we arent going to have the chance to do anything special on his exact birthday, but we will have a party with the family on sunday.  in fact, diana and i arent even going to see much of him on his real birthday- we have a wedding to go to!  so this particular morning with my boy was especially nice, knowing that its all i would have with him today.  he had a bit to eat and then we both go down on the floor and played for a while.  before we knew it, the rest of the house was coming to life- mema and papa soon joined us!
(more pics)

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