anniversary dinner

when i told diana that we were going to be doing something special for our anniversary i told her that there was one important thing that she would need to pack: a tiara!  she got one to wear in our wedding, and one at disney world, but she never has much reason to wear them.  so i told her that she would have to wear it for our big anniversary plans.  she was excited about it when she packed, but when we got to the hotel and were getting ready to go out, she was feeling a bit more self conscious about it and didnt really want to.  as a way to encourage her, i told her that i would wear one too!  unfortunately she didnt take me up on that offer, but she did put hers on and we headed out for dinner!  we had a bunch of different options for places to eat, but good ol' diana had a hankerin' for some buffalo wings, whch meant we ended up at bw3 for our anniversary dinner.  you know us, we aint puttin' on airs!  we had a great time, got to have some grown up conversations (a welcome reprieve from our usual baby talk!) and just sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned date together. it was a really fun night and a much needed chance to reconnect with the woman i love!  four down, forever to go!

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