nerdy laugh fest

apparently this is something that happens every year in grand rapids, i've just been gone to long to realize it.  every year they have a comedy festival called gilda's laugh fest, a ten day festival with dozens of big name comedians who come in to town and perform.  it just so happened that one of my favorite podcasts, the nerdist, was actually going to be recording a show at the festival!  jeffry lee and brains enjoy the guys in nerdist as well, so we went to see them perform.  it was a lot of fun, they performed at fountain street church and some how jeffry lee snagged us front row seats.  literally, we got to sit in the front row!  how awesome is that?!?  the nerdist podcast is made up of three guys: chris hardwick is kind of the host, and matt mira and jonah ray are his good friends who also happen to be stand up comedians.  the show started off with each of the three guys doing a 10-20 minute comedy set and ended with the three of them hanging out on stage recording their podcast live.  it was so awesome to have a chance to see them in person- and with my two best friends, no less!
(more pics)

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