dj aaron

after having a blast at the nerdist show, our night wasnt even over- we then headed out to grand haven to listen to a dj.  it just so happens that the dj we went to see was our good ol friend aaron!  he's always loved techno music and a few years ago he got himself some turntables and has been honing his skills ever since.  well, he finally go the chance to do a little mixing in public!  jeffry lee, brains, and i were certainly not going to miss the opportunity to listen to him, so we made sure to stop by.  i didnt tell him that i was in town for the weekend, so he was pretty surprised to see us walk through the door!  it was really cool to see him up there doing his thing.  after he finished his set he came by and we got a chance to just hang out and talk with him for a while too!
(more pics)

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