toy story shootout

our last stop at hollywood studios before it was time to go was the toy story midway mania ride. david told us that this was the most popular ride at disney at the moment, so we made sure to check it out. after a little bit of wrangling, we got in. the waiting areas were really cool, they were filled with all kinds of over sized toys and childrens games. after hearing all the hype about the ride i didnt think it would really live up to it, but as it turned out, this was one of the funnest rides in all of disney! its pretty simple, its a shooter game in the style of old midway shooting ranges, you shoot to try and hit the different targets and try to get a high score. but what made this one so fun was the fact that it was on screens and in 3D! our little guns fired out plungers and stuff on the different objects. it was so smooth and effortless that it was pure joy to try and get those targets! i would have loved to go on that one about 10 more times!
(more pics)

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