sunday afternoon

Sunday we got up for church and met jill, bubba and tweets there. aves wasnt feeling so hot, so timmy stayed home with her. bubba has been busy growing up since last we saw him- he does such a great job listening at church! he sits still and listens, better than i do to be honest! i even tried poking him and being silly, but he would have none of it. he hardly even draws during the sermon either! i wasnt able to do that until i was about, oh... 23!
after church we went back to mom and papa's place for dinner. soon after, jill and tim and the kids came over. mom had made one of her world famous (i figure we know about it here in indiana, mom and papa have michigan covered, and chad has been in enough places around the world that i can safely say it is 'world famous'!) sunday dinners, so we were quickly full and happy!
the kids were happy to see us, so things quickly devolved into playtime after dinner, which diana and i are always willing to participate in.
(more pics)

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