bowl me over

every year i watch the super bowl. this may come as a surprise since i dont watch any other sporting event during the rest of the year, but for some reason i really enjoy watching the super bowl. this year ali and jeremy invited us over to enjoy the game. we got there a bit before kick off and just hung out. we werent too into the game or anything, but it was a fun time just having it on. at the beginning of the game ali said that she would like to see the colts win it. jeremy, diana, and i didnt really care one way or the other, but its no fun if a fan goes unopposed. so, doing the competition thing, i decided that i had suddenly and for no good reason become a fan of the saints. as the game wore on we both got more and more vocal about out new found affiliation, which lead to the game being much more exciting than it would have been otherwise! and somehow, the saints did win, which made me wont to go out right then and buy a saints shirt to wear the next day! in your face!

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