manatee park

the next morning we woke all woke up bright and early. we werent going to disney this morning, rather, we were going to the state park! just a short drive from where we were staying there is a state park that has a bunch of manatees. there is a warm spring there, and the manatees travel there each year during the winter to stay warm. each day there can be as many as 100 manatees there just chillin out staying warm in the springs! we figured it would be a great activity to do together and we would get to see some pretty cool wildlife. we got there fairly early so we could check them out and go on a boat tour and check out all the other wildlife in the area.
the manatees were pretty amazing to see, and we got to learn a ton about them. we even got there before the rush, so we got to see everything without having to fight the crowds. as we left we realized just how lucky we were that we got there when we did- the line of cars at the entrance to get in to the park was over a mile long!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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