das goot!

we quickly headed out of hollywood studios over to epcot for a dinner reservation. last time diana and her family were at disney they had dinner at the german restaurant, called the biergarten restaurant, and wanted to go back there again. we made it in time for our 4:30 reservation and had a great time!
inside the restaurant it looked like a little german town and even had a stage! soon after we got there a german band came on stage and played a few songs for us. they played some polka on an accordion, one of the guys played a song with cow bells, and there was even a guy who played a really big long horn (like in those recola commericals!). at one point nick and barbara even went up to the dance floor and did a little polka dancing- it was hilarious! the german buffet was fantastic and the drinking chants were a ton of fun! thanks mom and david for the great meal and good time!
(more pics)

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