at a crossroads

diana and i have been churchless for a while. that doesnt mean that we didnt go to church, it just means that we were ready for a change. i had been going to first highland crc ever since i moved here. by the time my first school year wrapped up, i was a member. i enjoyed the chuch and the pastor. ken, the youth pastor, and i became good friends. we would regularly go out for breakfast on saturdays just to chat and hang out. when diana and i started dating she was able to come to church with me there every once in a while (that hour long drive made it pretty tough to do so regularly...). when we got married, the pastor who married us and gave us premarital counseling was my pastor from first highland crc. once we were married we attended there regularly and enjoyed it, but both of us were feeling like there might be something better suited for us.
that church felt like it was my church, but we wanted a place that would be our church. we began the process of looking for a new church. we spent many months going around to different churches each week, trying them out, seeing if it was a place where we could find a place to grow. eventually, based on a recommendation from one of the ladies at work, we stopped by crossroads community crc to check it out. we fell in love! she loved the lively singing, and i was thrilled by the preaching (as a bible teacher i can sometimes get a bit callus about sermons 'i know that already, i teach it every year!', so to find someone who could capture my attention week after week was very exciting!). after visiting there for about two months, the church offered membership classes and diana and i jumped at the opportunity. it was a three week class that met for a couple hours on sunday afternoons. we got the rundown of the church and what it means to be a member there.
now, we are proud to say, we are no longer churchless!

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