the maelstrom!!!

the maelstrom! for some reason, i remembered there being a little ride in one of the countries last time i was here, so diana and i decided to look for it. one of the nations represented at epcot is norway, and they have a little ride called 'the maelstrom', which depicts life in norway in the past and today. very unassuming and pleasant enough premise. little did we know what kind of rock-out awesomeness we were in store for!!! this picture is on the wall of the ride where you get on the viking ship to enter the maelstrom (the maelstrom!!!). what comese next is almost too amazing for words. this is, by far, the greatest ride in all of disney. in fact, i would even go out on a limb here and state that this is the greatest ride on the continent! we will definitely have to revisit this ride- many more times!!!

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Captainbananapants said...

The world, Mark. The best ride in... the world.