blu ray upgrade

our dvd player went out again. it was past due, we had been using the dvd player i bought almost ten years ago when i lived in utah- back then i payed $140 bucks for it, and it was a black friday deal! i have certainly gotten more than my fair share out of it, so when it died i didnt feel too bad.
i have been tucking money away for quite a few months in anticipation of buying a new tv or blu ray player. i had saved almost enough to get a blu ray, but with the dvd dying, i had to make it work. even though we dont have a hi def tv or anything, i figured it would be a waist to buy a new dvd player, so we went out and joined the blu ray revolution!
we went to best buy and i talked to a worker or two and got the low down on what ones would be good buys. we found this top of the line samsung over in the 'open box' section where it was marked down 90 bucks! we bought it and brought it home (after i took way too long picking out a blu ray to buy so that we could try it out). i got it hooked up easily and unwrapped the blu ray we bought, grabbed the remote and clicked the button to open the disc tray. it was then that we found a special little surprise: the people who had returned it forgot to take out their movie, because when i opened it there was a blu ray copy of quentin tarantino's latest movie! score! this thing just keeps getting better and better!
(more pics)

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