leaving on a jet plane

after a little ride, mom and david dropped us off at the airport with plenty of time to spare! there wasnt any sort of hurry once we got there because we found out that our plane was delayed about an hour (hmm, just like at the start of the trip...). fortunately there was a pretty big shopping center connected to the airport, so we just wandered around there for an hour or so. after finally going through security we hung out at the terminal for a while. eventually we got on and flew out. back home in chicago it was a wee bit colder than it had been in florida! barbara's luggage had gotten torn up and pretty well destroyed, so we talked to someone about that and got it taken care of. we found the car and nick and barbara dropped us off at the house, safe and sound.
its been a long and fun filled week, but now that we are home- its time for bed!
(more pics)

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