one last present

over christmas, barbara was so thoughtful that she got gifts for the kids! what a great aunt-in-law! (i think thats what you would call her, right?) we got the gifts from her to give to the kids over christmas, but this was our first time back in town since then. well, we gathered the kids up in the living room and asked them if they remembered barbara, 'thats aunt diana's sister!' chimed in tweets. it sure is, we told them. we explained the situation and they were quite pleased that they were still getting christmas gifts in february! they soon busted into the gifts and loved them! thanks, aunt-in-law barbara!
(more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

I love how they all tilt their heads to one side in some pictures! :o) I'm glad they liked the stuff - I like buying Christmas preasents, any time of year.