around the world

well, now that we are in epcot, we might as well take a look around, right? diana and i team up with nick and barbara to try and conquer the world! well, the world showcase, anyway... the goal was to go to each of the different countries in epcot, there are 11 in total, and enjoy a treat at each. we started our night off in mexico where we stopped in at the different shops and even rode the 'gran fiesta tour'. then it was off to norway to once again experience the wonder that is 'the maelstrom' (the maelstrom!!!). next we checked out china, checking out the cool swords and footwear. once again we stopped by germany, then italy where we posed for some pictures by good old poseidon. after seeing colonial america, we poked around in feudal japan where nick found himself in a bit of trouble, and barbara got found herself in a bit of water... by the time we got to morocco the clock ran out! the park closes at 9:00pm with a fireworks show and we only got to morocco by then. shoot. we still had france, the united kingdom, and canada to go! so close! well, we had a great time giving it the ol' college try!
(pictures of mexico, italy, asia, and the rest!)

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