year end round up

each year, at the end of the school year, the whole staff is invited to lunch at texas corral. it is always a fun time to just relax and enjoy some time with the other teachers and staff as we celebrate another year successfully completed! i guess it says something great about our school in that all of us teachers really enjoy spending time together, huh? it seems that each year we end up having to say goodbye to at least one colleague, and this year is no different. this time we say goodbye to rachel, the english teacher. she and i were hired here the same year and have, at times, been very close. she will be missed! it will be strange next year to not have her with us. one of the elementary teachers will actually be moving up to fill her spot- it will be a good fit! i know this school year has just finished, but i'm already looking forward to the start of next year (well, i don't really want the summer to go fast or anything though...).
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