new bed

diana's mom and step-dad had never come to see my place before. now, with diana living here, we figured it was time for them to stop by!
my bed was not very old, but i was in the bad habit of sleeping right in the center of it- which meant that when diana and i were in it we fell into the middle of it! the best to fix this problem: get a different bed! diana's step-dad has a truck, so we enlisted him to bring diana's bed over to the house when they came to visit. we met up with them on sunday and took off the cap on the bed and loaded up the bed with them. then they followed us back to the house and we exchanged the beds: mine to the truck, diana's to the bedroom! it went really smoothly, and it was a lot of fun to have diana's parents come and see the place she was now going to be living in!

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