the first cut

diana is a couple months in to her schooling now, and has been having a great time so far. the past two weeks they have been focusing on the actual hair cutting part of the training. at the end of the two weeks, they are required to have a model come in and they have to actually cut their hair. diana was terrified! fortunately, miranda was willing to be her first volunteer! miranda drove down here thursday night and spend the evening with us, which diana loved! the two of them got to just hang out and catch up. i made myself scarce that evening so the two of them could have a good time together without me butting in.
in the morning miranda went with diana to school and sat for a haircut. it certainly went well because when the two of them got home diana was smiling and miranda's hair looked great! now that diana has overcome that challenge its time for the next one: on june 22 she goes out on the floor to begin cutting hair full time! yikes! diana is really nervous, but if miranda's hair is any indication, she has nothing to worry about.

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Anonymous said...

Diana, I'm sure you will be great at cutting hair! I can't wait to get my nails done - bring you nail stuff the next time you come!???
Love ya, Mom