fire engine red

jeffry lee and i had planned on doing something saturday night. the idea of having a campfire at freddies was the main plan for the night, but something went terribly wrong... diana and i got back to my parents around 9:00pm and hung around waiting for jeffry lee to call so we could head over. finally, at 11:00pm freddie called and said they were just arriving at his place. diana was way too tired by then to go, but she recommended i should still go. so, i tucked her in bed and headed off to freddies. when i arrived it was just freddie, and jeffry lee was sleeping in his car in the garage. what exactly happened to get us to this point? apparently the two of them had been at the beach in grand haven all day, stopped of at a friend's party, and got caught up in the fun. i had no problem at all with this, but it did create the unusual experience of having jeffry lee incapacitated by the time i arrived. he had had a bit too much to drink, and was bright red with sunburn! poor guy! freddie and i helped him out of the car and into the bathroom. with much amusement for us, jeffry lee was wrecked! we eventually convinced him to put some aloe on his bright read skin, then we put him to bed. the night wasnt a total loss though, i got to chill with freddie and talk, just the two of us, for a couple house. i had never had the pleasure, and now that i have, i really appreciate him more. its always great to build friendships!
p.s. sorry for the disturbing picture, i didn't mean to startle you...
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Captainbananapants said...

Poor Jeff! Too bad there isn't a nurse in the area to take care of him! heh heh :o) You guys are so sweet and took good care of him though! I'm glad someone seatbelted him in for his car nap.