memorial sickness

unfortunately, diana's upset stomach turned into a full blown sickness. after an hour or two of sleeping, she got up and still felt terrible- and it was getting worse. she and i made the decision to head back home instead of stick around and get everyone else sick. we called mom and dad and let them know we were going to head back early. they were disappointed, but understood.
when we got home diana laid down on the couch, and spend the rest of the weekend there. by morning her stomach was feeling ok, but her throat and sinuses were wreaking havoc on her! by the time she had to go to school on monday she was still feeling a bit under the weather, but stocked up on cold pills and cough drops, she pushed through it! its always disappointing to cut short our time with the family, but this way diana got her rest and no one else got sick. i'm not sure how i got lucky and avoided it, probably because i have a highly developed immune system- you have to to spend every day around snotty nosed middle schoolers!
(sunday night poco was really cute- check out this video!)

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