a student again

one of the big decisions diana and i made before we got married was that diana was no longer going to be working at home depot. she never really liked the job, just the people she worked with (which she wouldn't be working with anymore, since she would have to move to a different location), so we saw it as an opportunity for her to move on and do something she actually enjoyed. ever since she first went to college, diana has wanted to go to cosmetology school. she was never given the opportunity, so she graduated from grand valley with a business degree instead. she was never interested in using it, so she just found a job where her friends were at home depot.
well, one of the opportunities i am able to offer her is the chance to do what she had always wanted to: to go to cosmetology school! we are able to live on my salary, so she now has the ability to attend school and follow her dreams. she recently started at regency, a cosmetology school thats in illinois and has been loving it! her first day of school she came home with a couple of huge bags full of all the stuff she will need for the next 10 months of schooling! that night she sat on the ground and picked through everything and checked out what is in store for her. she was as giddy as a school girl! (which i guess makes sense, since she's a girl now going back to school...) she is really looking forward to the classes she will be in soon- but really nervous as well!
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Sean and Rachael said...

Having a spouse in school is tough but it is good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there!