flow rider

we got to diana's mom and step-dad's place and hung otu for a while there. we had dinner with them, her dad came over too. after filling our bellies we took a nice relaxing ride on their boat. at dinner i mentioned that i had never driven a boat before, so when it was time to hop on the boat, david offered me the driver's seat! awesome!!! there is a 'no wake' policy, and the boat has to stay under about five miles per hour. that's probably why they knew they could trust me behind the wheel... we took a slow and relaxing trip around the lake, going close to shore so we could see all the wildlife in the woods and in the water. it was a great time! diana and i always have such a great time when ever we see family! we had planned on heading home around 8:00pm that night, but i think we finally left their house around 10!
(more pics)

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Looks like fun and relaxing!!