memorial friday

when diana came home from school today she had a little surprise for me: she straightened her hair!!! wow!!! i had never seen that before- and boy was it amazing! i really love diana's curly hair, but it was really awesome to see it straight for once- super hot!
for memorial day weekend, diana and i headed up to grand rapids to see my family. diana doesn't get home from school until 6:00pm, so its a pretty late trip home on friday. we brought poco up with us again , it worked out pretty well the first time, so mom let us do it agian. *editors note: i have recently been informed that we didn't actually ask mom if we could bring poco again, we just brought him anyway... oops.* we didn't end up leaving until about 6:30pm, which meant an arrival around 10:00pm! we dropped poco off at the house, and then went to meet the guys at fridays! it was a ton of fun, diana and i sat down by aaron and we got to have some really silly conversations over the course of the night.
(more pics)

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Anonymous said...

Oops, you forgot to ask Mom about the poco staying over!! No problem!! Mom