the kids and i

for diana's birthday, my mom wanted to take her and my sister (whose birthday is just a week or two earlier) on a little shopping spree! the plan was to go to the mall and pick out an outfit or two and my mom would get them for the girls as their birthday gift. it worked out great for diana because she was starting school that monday and needed some new clothes for it!
the week before we were to come up for that event, my brother in law realized that he was going to have to work that saturday morning and it was too late for jill to find a babysitter for the kids. jill was going to back out of the festivities, but then i realized that i didnt have anything going on that morning and it finally dawned on me: i could easily watch the kids!
saturday morning diana and i drove over to jill and tim's place. jill and diana headed out to meet up with mom, and i got to spend the day with the kids! it was a ton of fun, we even went back to my parents house so that the kids could meet our dog poco for the first time!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, and a video of the first time they met poco)

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Anonymous said...

Mark, that video was cute - in the background all you hear is "no thank you"!!! Mom