six years in

wow, how time flies!  its already our anniversary again- we have been married for six whole years already!  i remember when i was single i would hear of people who had been married for five or six years and it would seem like they had been together forever.  now, standing on the other side of it, six years is just the blink of an eye!  it feels like just yesterday i had that butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps on my neck feeling when i would see diana.  oh, wait, that was yesterday!  even though its been six years, i still get excited to see her and thrilled that she is going to be by my side forever!
to celebrate, i took her out somewhere a little bit fancy.  my mom was kind enough to watch ledger for us for the evening and the two of us headed downtown grand rapids to san chez.  a really cool little tapas restaurant.  i had never been there before, but diana had gone once before a few years back and had always wanted to go again.
unfortunately they didn't take reservations, so we got there and put our name in but had to wait about an hour to be seated.  fortunately there is a nice little bar attached to the place, so we had a seat in there while we waited.  when we were finally called in and seated, we had a really lovely dinner.  we got three or four plates of different foods and had a great time trying the various tapas.  it was a really cool place, but the best part of the night was just getting the chance to spend some time with my favorite girl in the entire world!  we got to talk and eat and laugh together.  we talked about life and how much it had changed in the past six years, we talked about important things and trivial things, and everything in between- we just talked, really, and it was wonderful!
(more pics)

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