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since ledger doesn't have any brothers or sisters, and we don't have any friends in grand rapids with kids for ledger to play with, diana and i really want to make sure he gets some opportunities to be social with kids his own age.  one of the ways to do that, we soon discovered, is to get involved at the local library!  the kent county library has some amazing programs for kids of all ages, but especially for kids 2-5.  every tuesday they have a kids story time, and every wednesday they have some sort of event or craft time.  well, with diana going to watch penny a couple times a week, that works perfectly for me to take ledger to the library and give diana a little quite time with penny.
and let me tell you, ledger totally loves going to story time!  the first couple times we went he had a hard time adjusting to all the different kids that were there, he would get in their faces and just want to touch them and hug them!  he's not so good at understanding 'personal space' just yet...  when the librarian would read the books and show the pictures ledger would walk right up to her and start asking her about the story, standing in the way for all the rest of the kids!  it took a few times of me going up there and bringing him back to my seat for him to understand that he's not allowed to do that, but eventually he got better at it and now sits and listens while the stories are being read.  sure, he still gets a little too close to other kids when he talks to them, always reaching out to touch them, but i'm sure- well, i hope- that will get better soon too!
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