it finally happened!  its been so cold out that ledger hasn't been able to go play in the snow for a week or two.  and when he has, the snow was too crunchy or powdery to do anything with.  well, after weeks of his constant asking about going out to make a snowman, the weather finally cooperated!  it didn't just get warm, it got really warm- i knew we only had an hour or two before most of the snow would actually melt!  which is, of course, the perfect conditions for packing snow!
so ledger asked, as he does every day, if he could go outside and make a snowman, fully expecting us to say the same thing we have said every day: 'no, its too cold', but i was able to totally surprise him and say 'yes!  lets go!'  that little boy's face light up as bright as the sun itself!  we got him dressed up in his snowsuit and and headed out.  i asked him if he wanted to make a big snowman and he got really excited.  so far this winter we have only been able to get snow packed enough for little snowmans (the plural of 'snowman' according to ledger is 'snowmans'...), but now we could get one as big as daddy!  he was absolutely thrilled!  after we built the three balls and stuck them together, he and i went on a hunt through the backyard to find a proper nose, mouth, eyes, and buttons.  for some reason, he never wants his snowmans to have arms though...  after we made the snowman we just played around in the snow.  we made snow angels, and he got to have his first snowball fight!  he didn't quite understand it at first- 'daddy, why are you throwing snow at me?'  but when i told him to throw some at me and i pretended to fall over when it hit me- then it all clicked into place for him.  his new favorite thing, by the way is now snowball fights...
(more pics)

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