ledger's birthday in south bend

we headed down for our monthly visit to south bend, and since it was so close to ledger's birthday, we decided to celebrate with friends and family down there.  we invited a whole bunch of people over: sarah and vince with their kids, miranda and levi, and of course grandpa allen!  ledger was so thrilled about celebrating his birthday.  he's old enough now where he actually understands whats going on and knows that he's turning three!
in preparation for the party, we told him that he was going to have friends over to play and there would be presents for him.  he was really excited about all of it, but he made sure to ask if he was getting cake and if there would be balloons!  well, of course we will have them- its not a party if you don't have cake and balloons, right?
(more pics: 1, 2)

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