bouncy birthday

sarah, one of diana's childhood friends, has a little boy who's about a year older than ledger.  from time to time we have had the opportunity to spend some time with them and let the two boys play- and they both love it!  well, when sarah and vince through a party for shawn, we got invited so of course we went!  especially considering the location of the birthday party: a place filled with bouncy houses!  we trekked down to south bend for the party, to see sarah and vince, and have a great time with the boys.  we got there just as things were revving up into high gear and all the kids headed into the bouncy house room.  let me tell ya, this place was super cool!  it had birthday party rooms for kids, which all lead to the gigantic room in the back which was filled with half a dozen bouncys to have a blast on!  ledger was completely overwhelmed- there was just too much awesome in one place!  he proceeded to spend the next two hours running around from bouncy to bouncy, going down slides, throwing foam balls, we ran back to the room to get some cake and cookies, then back to the slides!  it was so much fun and so exhausting all at once!
we had such a great time- and what a fun party to celebrate shawn's birthday!
(more pics)

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