i was talking with jon the other day about life as a father, penny is a month or two old now, so he's right in the thick of that whole no sleep thing!  he was telling me that his wife is going to have to go back to work soon and they are struggling to find someone to watch penny.  well, i brought it up to diana and she got really excited- she said that she would love to help them out and watch penny for them on the days she works!  jon and his wife were thrilled with the offer and took us up on it- so now we have the opportunity to see penny a couple times a week!  diana is excited to spend some time with a baby again (we aren't planning on having another child of our own, so she can get the baby times out of her system!) and we get to help out a friend- win/win!
in preparation for watching penny regularly, we stopped over for a couple hours one saturday.  jon and his wife were instructed to have a couple hours together- just the two of them!- and we would spend some time with penny and give ledger the chance to get used to the situation.  it went really well, the two of them came home refreshed, and we had a great time with penny.  i'm pretty sure this is going to work great!

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