day out with daddy

diana is such a great mom and a hard worker.  she spends every waking moment with ledger, taking care of him, teaching him, feeding him, and everything else that a stay-at-home mom has to deal with!  this can be especially challenging considering the fact that we only have one car so when i'm at work she is stuck at the house with him!  she cant even go out with him to try and get that energy out!  poor girl...
well, from time to time i am able to give her some relief, i take him out for a couple house, just us guys, so she can relax and put her feet up- maybe even take a well deserved nap!
well, today was just such a day.  i scooped up ledger and told him we were going out.  i didn't tell him where, i just told him its going to be a special 'daddy and little boy' day.  he was very excited and wanted to know where we were going.  i, of course, didn't tell him- that would ruin the surprise!  we headed out in the car, leaving diana to somehow manage without us (which i'm sure was a real struggle...).  for our special time together, i took him to every child's favorite place: toys'r'us!  oh man, if you could have seen his eyes light up when we first walked through those doors!  it was amazing!  i didn't even make him sit in the cart- he could just run free- and did he ever! he went up and down the aisles telling me how he wanted this and that (i'm pretty sure he wanted everything), slowing down only to wait for me to catch up!  i told him he could get one thing- and only one thing.  after excitedly exploring for a good half hour, pointing at everything on each shelf saying 'look at that daddy!', he finally settled on one toy to get.  he picked a stuffed eve robot from the movie wall-e (remember, he is currently obsessed with robots...).   we bought it and left the store.  he was absolutely glowing from the fun of toys'r'us!  the fun wasn't over though, we still had more!  we stopped at krispy kreme and had a donut, and then even went and got a haircut.  he was absolutely thrilled by the whole day together!  we sure did have a great time!  and when we got home diana was pleased to have us both back and refreshed and recharged after a little time to herself!
(more pics)

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