its valentines day, so i wanted to make diana feel extra special (i try to make her feel special every day, not just on the manufactured holiday), so ledger and i worked together to do it right!  i picked up flowers and some chocolates the night before after work so she would see them first thing when she woke up.  she was thrilled, but we had a little more planned for her...  i got up with ledger and we let her sleep in a little bit.  while she slept, ledge and i got busy making a mess in the kitchen!  together we made her some special valentines brownies so she would wake up to a delicious smell through out the house.  ledger was so pleased to be able to make the brownies with me and exclaimed when diana woke up 'mama! mama!  happy balentimes day- i made you a treat!'  he then proceeded to maul her with hugs and kisses!  she was very excited and pleased with her special day.  mission accomplished!
ledger also got some special valentines gifts too, he got a card in the mail from mema and papa with a robot on it (which was perfect- he's obsessed with robots right now!)  it even talked!  when he would open the card it would give a message- in a robot voice, of course- about how he is loved.  he opened and closed it to hear that message about a thousand times throughout the day!  it was actually to the point there he could recite the whole message in a robot voice without even opening the card...  he also got a card in the mail from his grandpa allen!  it folded out into a big card with stickers and everything!  he loved all of it so much that at the end of the day he asked 'can it be balentimes day tomorrow again?'
(more pics)

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