the big oh three

its a very special day for our little guy- ledger turned three!  he had been eagerly anticipating his birthday all week!  he kept talking about how he wanted cake and balloons for his birthday- that way its a real birthday, he told us.  we certainly did not want to disappoint on his special day so i went and got balloons and other decorations and my mom got him a special cake.  the whole family came over for the special day.
this was an extra special birthday for ledger.  for the past several months we have been telling him that when he turns three there are a lot of changes in store for him.  we told him that when he turns three he becomes a big boy and has to stop using a binky when he goes to sleep, and we told him that when he turns three he is going to start using the potty.  both of these ideas were very exciting to him.  he wasn't quite as certain about the binky thing, but he was pretty excited about using the potty.
after he gave up his binkys, he was feeling like a real big boy- then we bowled him over with tons of gifts!  he didn't complain too much about that part, that's for sure!
we had a great time celebrating his birthday and that night he went to bed exhausted!  when he was put to bed, right before falling asleep, he asked 'can i have a birthday again tomorrow?'  nice try buddy...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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