a book and eggs

we were all looking forward to easter this year, diana and i were excited to get to spend this special holiday at our new church!  she and i got to go to the service and celebrate with the rest of the congregation.  it was especially fun for me because of the pastor's sermon.  a few weeks earlier i had met with him to chat and for us to get to know each other.  as a new member of the church it is something that the pastor likes to do, and for me, as a former bible teacher, i was really excited to talk with him a bit and see if there is anything i can help with at church to put my knowledge and skills to good use.  as a gift, i brought pastor dirk a copy of one of my favorite books: a scandalous beauty, by thomas schmidt.  its a collection of essays about christ and christianity.  i got the chance to talk with him about it and told him about some of the great essays that he should read.  well, turns out he did!  and then he based a series of sermons on the book too!  it was really cool to hear him reference the book during the sermon, 'as schmidt talks about in his book...'  i was thrilled that dirk not only enjoyed the book but was also inspired by it!  much of his lent series and easter sunday sermons were based on different essays in that book- so cool!
after the service we went and got ledger, who also had a blast in his sunday school- even making a neat craft for us to put as a centerpiece on the table during easter dinner.  he was very proud!
later that day he even got to have an easter egg hunt, finding himself candy and little toys too.  he was about as pleased as could be!  the next day he woke up wanting it to be easter again.  don't worry, son,  now that christ has risen every day is easter!
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