rockin' luau

with working a lot of saturdays it's been hard to get out and actually have a life.  well, this weekend diana and ledger headed down to south bend to visit her family and friends early and when i got out of work i headed down too.  one of the special events that we were both looking forward to was a fun night of music at a bar in niles.  it was a blast even though i got there well into the festivities.  when i did get there diana was so excited to see it- it was like she hadn't seen me in days!  oh, that right, she hadn't...  for some reason miranda and levi brought some props to the party:  they had grass skirts and coconut bras for anyone who wanted them.  strange, i know.  but it did add a very fun element to the evening!  and let me tell ya, you haven't lived until you've seen levi hula dance...
(more pics)

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