south haven meet up

anxious to see her grandson again, my mom made plans for us to see each other in south haven.  its the perfect spot to meet, its about 45 minutes from both of us!  diana and i were thrilled at the idea- a chance to see mema and papa, and an opportunity to go out and do something fun!  we met up with them in south haven, and as soon as we pulled in to the parking spot, mom was already grabbing at the back door to see her littlest grandson!  ledger was ecstatic to see them as well, quickly squealing out 'mema!  papa!  mema! papa!'  we got everyone out and walked down to the pier on lake michigan.  ledger had a blast checking out the boats with papa, pointing and waving as they passed.  the weather looked like it might turn to rain, so we walked back in to town to eat, peaking in to different shops along the way.  we ate at clementines, which was amazing, and had a blast showing off all of ledger's new activities and words he had learned since last he saw them.  after lunch we wandered around town a bit more, checking out all the different sights.  then, unfortunately, it was time to go.  we had so much fun, we will definitely be doing this again soon!
(more pics)

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