at the park

barbara came to visit with dear ol' sal.  it was a beautiful day, so we headed over to the local park for a little fun with baby and pup!  diana had brought ledger here a few times before, but this was the first time i was able to tag along, and it was a blast!  we pulled up and got ledger out and he went bustling over to the fun equipment to play around.  there were a few other little kids playing there as well, so ledger even got to have a little play time with some new friends!  after exploring some of the wooden equipment and a few times down the baby slide, we put him in the baby swing (sal too), and he was in heaven!  its really funny to watch ledge on the swing, just give him a little push and his eyes glaze over...  he doesn't really seem to be enjoying himself on the swing, he gets quiet and doesn't really move around much, but he is having the time of his life!  when you try to take him out of it and put him back on the ground, he would just throw a fit- put him back in the swing and he's a silent statue...  strange, huh?  after a while he was finally willing to leave the swing, so we got to play a bit more on the equipment and poke around in the sand and rocks.  he has so much fun at the park it almost makes it worth being outside for an extended period of time... almost.
(more pics)

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