his first girlfriend

the other day alanna came over with the rest of her boyfriend's family for an afternoon of swimming at the lake.  brittany came along and brought her daughter bella.  now, ledger has only had limited interaction with other children his own age, so when bella showed up- oh boy!  ledger was obsessed!  at first he was just baffled by another person his size, but then he wanted to investigate a little bit more- he walked up to bella and tried to give her a hug, but it was about the most awkward think you can imagine!  then he kept touching her and playing with her hair, not entirely sure if she was real!  as the afternoon wore on he grew more used to her, but continually offered her his toys, staring at her, and even at one point trying to kiss her!  she wanted nothing to do with it though, pushing him away more than once.  girls sure are strange, huh son?  i would tell you that it gets better, but that seems just about par for the course...
(more pics)

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