chips and salsa's

taking a little break from working around the house, diana and i took our boy and headed in to the city!  we didnt really have any plans, but we just knew we wanted to have a nice afternoon together as a family before i headed back to school.  we found ourselves in michawaka and figured we should stop for a bite to eat.  diana had noticed the mexican restaurant called salsa's the last time we were around, so we thought we would check it out.  the three of us headed in and got ourselves some mexican lunch.  it was really really good!  both of our meals were fantastic and oh so tasty.  ledger had a lot of fun scribbling on his children's menu, sucking on a lemon, and checking out the cool decor.  diana and i were just pleased to be out and about together!  we made a few other stops, just taking out time and enjoying the chance to get together for the day.  with school starting again soon, these lazy days are going to be gone before we know it!

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