gatecon '13

its that time once again, that time i most look forward to all summer: gatecon!  every year for the past four years i have attended the stargate convention in chicago.  its a weekend gathering of all the local stargate nerds where actors from the show come and regale us with funny stories, answer questions, and just chat about stargate and life in general.  as a huge stargate fan, this is heaven!  the last couple years i've roped jon into coming along with me.  it wasnt too tough, considering he loves the show too!  well, this year he did a little sweet talking, and convinced jeffry lee to tag along as well!
the two of them came into town nice and early, which gave us a chance to hang out together for a while.  we got ourselves some chinese food and had a blast just catching up.  the next day i had to work, so the two of them went out and wandered around town till i got out.  we picked up a few pizzas and watched ourselves a dumb movie.  it always seems like the worse the movie is, the more fun the three of us have watching it!

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Jon Blair said...

That was my 3rd gatecon. Dude, you are killing me.