hiding around the house

'where's ledger?  where's ledger?'  our son's favorite game is peek-a-boo, and now he's taken it to the next level: finding spots to hide around the house!  right between the living room and dining room there is a nice cozy little nook that's perfect for hiding.  i was wondering how long it would take him to find it!  in the morning when we get up he loves to play around with his toys and poke around the room, seeing what sort of trouble he can get in to.  when he found this little spot he was so excited- he played in there all by himself with a few toys and melmo for about a half hour!  when he was in there i would loudly ask 'where's ledger?'  and he would peek his little face between the cabinets and railing and just giggle and giggle!  what a goofball!
(more pics)

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