surprise visit

david has been really swamped at his new job, trying to get on top of the crazy mess left by the last guy.  mom has been helping him with the files and cleaning up the office.  diana kindly offered to help out if needed as well.  david took her up on the offer, so she and mom went to help try and get that place in order.  with the two of them gone, that means its some good old fashioned guy time with just ledger and i!  we had a great time playing around the house, making a mess of dinner, and being generally all around silly!  then i had an idea: how about we make a surprise visit over to grandpa's house!  i asked ledger if he was up for it, 'he ledge, wanna see grandpa?'  'ahmpa!'  he exclaimed.  i figured this meant 'why yes, dear father, i would love to!'  so we piled into the car and headed over.  i didn't want to get there and have him be gone, so i called him to make sure he was around.  we arrived and grandpa, buddy the cat, and poco were overjoyed to see us! (well, maybe not buddy so much...)  we spent an hour over there playing in the yard having a great time.  ledger played with the wheel barrow, the clothes pins on the line, and anything else he could get his hands on!  it was really great to spend a little time with diana's dad, he's always so happy to see his only grandson!
(more pics)

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