the lil' gardener

almost every day diana's mom goes out to water the potted plants if they need it.  ledger always watches her from the confines of the house, peering out the window while she makes the rounds.  well, grandma found a cute little watering can for ledger, so he got to go out with her and help out!  grandma filled up her can and put a little bit in his as well.  ledger watched her pour it out onto the plants, so he tried to do the same.  he's not all that graceful, so most of the water ended up on his shoes!  well, he wasn't about to give up, so we put a little more water in there and i guided him on how to pour the water onto the flowers instead of himself.  he tried it a few more times, never quite getting it, but certainly getting better!  maybe a few more trips out there with grandma and he'll have the hang of it!
(more pics)

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