classroom fruit

well, it begins again.  as august comes to an end, so does my summer break!  with the first day of school closing in, i head back to the ol' classroom and get it ready for the new year.  its always fun to come up with different ideas for decorating the classroom.  i know most teachers just put up the same stuff each year, the pre-made posters and wall hangings that they bought at the teacher store, but that's too boring for me.  since i have a little artistic ability, i like to try and make my room personal.  i make most of the stuff that goes on the walls, trying to make it tie in to what i do through out the year.  this year i plan to focus on some of the fruits of the spirit, so what better way to do that than to actually make fruit with the different spiritual qualities written on them?  now that i've got the room ready, my curriculum set, and some great changes in place, all we need now are the students!  and here we go again!

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